River 94.9 FM’s Bowser Wowser

River 94.9 FM’s Bowser Wowser saved listeners stacks at the fuel pump
With fuel prices continuing to sky rocket past $1 per litre, River 94.9 joined forces with a local business, Barb’s Kitchen, to offer fuel to listeners at a price no one has seen in many years.
Today, Barb’s Kitchen on the Warrego Highway in Marburg  turned back the clock and offered River 94.9 listeners fuel for just 94 cents per litre.
Between 7:30am and 8:30am, hundreds of listeners arrived with motorbikes, cars and trucks to take advantage and all they had to do was make a purchase of any kind within the store& to access the incredible discount.
River 94.9 asked listeners to be patient on the morning and as  long as they were there between the one-hour time slot where fuel was available for 94 cents per litre, they were given a ‘wait in line’ card so they could still fill up for the ridiculously low price.