The PM invites Fitzy & Wippa to play in his backyard

The last time the Prime Minister joined the Fitzy & Wippa on air they asked if they could hold a game of backyard cricket at his place.
Scomo has called the show and announced that the boys could hold their charity game of Back Yard cricket at Kirribilli House on Fri Nov 23, and, in a captains call,  he will play along with some greats of the game and celebrities who love cricket (to be announced).
The game will raise money for ‘Batting for Change’ to assist the education of disadvantaged women in cricket-playing nations.
Scomo says, “We play cricket with countries all around the world who are less fortunate. Sport is a great way for people to get involved. This charity helps women in countries like Sri Lanka for example, it is tremendous.”
The PM also issued a warning,  “Watch out for Buddy the dog he will be looking forward to it, you just have to be careful he doesn’t take the ball as you won’t get it back. He’ll be in the slips”