Robbie Von pens an ode to West Coast’s Harley Reid

Up and coming West Coast Eagles star Harley Reid‘s name is on everyone’s lips, with a private lunch with him and his No 9 predecessor Nic Naitanui selling at auction for more than $100K, and a game guernsey that he didn’t even wear for more than $5000! Triple M WA’s Robbie Von decided to get in on the action and pen Reid a song, a rap song, with some help from AI.

The results:


Harley Reid – the man with the speed

On the field, he’s a human highlight reel indeed

Only ten games in, he’s already got the fame.

West Coast Eagles got a star with a new name!


Every time he steps onto the turf, he comes alive

Flying through the air, like he’s got wings to die.

With precision and finesse, he’s got the skill

Opponents try to get him, but they always get the spill.



Soaring high – he’s the one to watch

Rising above the rest, he’s got the special touch

When he pulls out the ‘don’t argue’ – you better beware

Harley’s here to show you, he’s the KING OF THE AIR!

Von, who also happens to run the Classic AFL Instagram account, said:

“I want this to go viral! Let’s see if we can get this to take off!”

I think it will do if West Coast starts winning every game it gets played!


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