Christian O’Connell offers $10K to people good at holding their drink

Tomorrow morning, Thursday May 30, GOLD104.3‘s The Christian O’Connell Show will find out which of their listeners are best at holding their beer. That is literally carrying them without spilling much or any, along Chapel Street Melbourne, from Bride O’Reilly’s to Temperance Hotel and back, with the winner scoring $10K.

Eight have been chosen for the $10,000 Beer Race with the winner not necessarily the person who reaches the finish line first, they must keep their pints full too.

Showing that a great competition idea can arrive anywhere, Christian O’Connell said:

“I saw this guy and he had an armful of beers, and he’d obviously said, I don’t need the tray. I do this as well, For some reason, due to my fragile sense of ego, I go, ‘I don’t need the tray.’ I’d rather just coat myself in lager and splash it all over myself and the floor.

Anyway, this guy was trying to get his hands around just three pints of beer and it was like he was handling dynamite. He was trying not to drop any for him and his mates and I’m thinking we should have a beer race because I pride myself on not spilling precious beer, especially if it’s around a few friends.”

Contestants include a former flight attendant, an Iron Man and an ex-hospitality worker with the race on Thursday morning broadcast live on air. You can listen to The Christian O’Connell Show on GOLD104.3 from 6-9am or via the free iHeartRadio app.

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