Rod Henshaw the new GM for Coastal Broadcasters

Rod Henshaw is the new General Manager and Sales Manager for the Coastal Broadcasters Pty Ltd network of radio stations in Far North Queensland.

He spent nearly the last decade with the Capital Radio Network working on-air, as a journalist/newsreader, program producer and trainer/mentor to young journalists starting off in their careers. Prior to that Henshaw was Director of Media in Nauru.

Henshaw said:

“I’ve been lucky enough to gain long-term experience in most jobs in radio over about five decades. Technically, just don’t ask me to fix anything if it breaks.”

Many Queenslanders also recall Henshaw from his thirty-odd years in Brisbane radio and television, with both ABC and commercial stations.

Al Kirton retired from the GM role late last year after 38 years with the network and a radio career of more than five decades.

“Al has been an incredible help to me during this transitionary period, and he remains a welcome member of the on-air team doing what he loves most,” Henshaw said.

Kirton remains a shareholder in North Queensland radio.

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