RPH Australia celebrates International Day for Access to Information

September 28th, is the International Day for Universal Access to Information, a UNESCO campaign for the world’s citizens to make better and more informed decisions about their lives with access to the best of information.
RPH Australia will celebrate the RPH Radio Reading Network, as the only radio service dedicated to providing access to published materials to the estimated 5 million Australians with a print disability.
RPH Australia is the national peak body for the Radio Reading Network and the voice of print radio in Australia.

People with visual, physical or cognitive impairments, learning difficulties or low literacy have an equal right and need to consume print media, but don’t enjoy the same ready access, as other Australians.

The Radio Reading services in the Network are not-for-profit community media organisations dedicated to providing a voice for people with a print disability and catering directly to their information needs and interests. Powered by the passion and dedication of over 1,500 dedicated volunteers, the Radio Reading Network broadcasts to 70% of the Australian population, with 18 AM/FM community radio services around Australia, as well as digital radio services in the five mainland capitals.

“The Radio Reading Network is community media produced by and for people with a print disability, helping to build an inclusive and connected Australia. We work to provide universal access to information all day every day,” said Marilyn Alborough, CEO, RPH Australia.


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