RTRFM’s $40 for 40 fundraiser in final hours

RTRFM‘s $40 for 40 campaign finishes tomorrow.

Three more days left to make sure you secure your place in RTRFM history with your name on a very special honour board.

The board will be housed at the RTRFM studio and will include all those who have donated $40 or more to the station. 
Originally broadcasting as part of the University of Western Australia under the call sign 6UWA, RTRFM was the first FM Stereo radio station in Western Australia. 40 years later, the station is still broadcasting on 92.1, online and on the digital spectrum, giving West Australian audiences a different look at the world and the community. 
RTRFM champions local music, arts and culture while staying fiercely independent. RTRFM is funded by its listeners and sponsors. 
RTRFM has over 400 volunteers keeping the station alive, both on air and off and is heard by over 229,000 unique listeners monthly from around the world.  
In our 40th year, we are calling out for a donation of $40; $1 for every year of the station. 
There’s not much that $1 buys these days! $1 for each year of loyal, consistent support for the local community; $1 a year to give local musicians a place to call home, local artists the chance to showcase their art and to promote local culture and community in a homogeneous media market. 
Head to rtrfm.com.au to donate and keep The Sound Alternative Alive.