Sandilands solo at tomorrow’s radio conference in Brisbane

Kyle Sandilands will go solo tomorrow at the Radio Alive conference.

His on air partner Jackie dropped the news on this morning’s show that she is not going to be able to attend.

Kyle asked: “Why aren’t you coming Jackie, why is it me doing this?”

Jackie said: “I wanted to stay in the studio, I didn’t want to spend time away from [daughter] Kitty, she’s the most important thing to me.”

Kyle: “You can’t keep using this child as an excuse… thanks for leaving me flapping around in the breeze!”

Jackie suggested: “You could have Intern Pete on stage with you.”

“No, I want to suck up all the glory for myself… they can all come in that auditorium and listen to the master,” Kyle said.

Kyle will be on stage, interviewed by Karl Stafanovic after the morning tea break tomorrow morning. Full conference schedule here.

Kyle also heard another piece of disappointing news about his plans to broadcast from ARN’s Brisbane studio tomorrow, before going to the conference:

Kyle told the audience: “I will be broadcasting from Brisbane tomorrow, I want the big studio from our sister station up there.”

But that idea was quickly squashed when he heard from his producer that a French radio team, who are in Australia for the conference, had already booked that studio.

“I’ve just signed one of the biggest deals in Australian radio and all I get is the broom closet,” he laughed.

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