SBS delivers a new mobile website in 68 languages

SBS has launched a new website for its 68 language services, making it easier for multicultural Australians to engage with distinctive content and services in their first language.

The development of the website reflects growing audience consumption on mobile, as digital engagement increased by 29% in the past financial year, with over 2.3 million monthly unique visitors actively engaging with the SBS language website.

The new website is designed to support new features enabling the display of content in languages that run from left to right and right to left, and new font faces have improved the readability of content, with consideration given to the needs of different languages when selecting font sizes, line heights, and letter spacing.

SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, Mandi Wicks, says, “As the world’s most linguistically diverse public broadcaster, SBS is focused on evolving its multilingual offering to ensure that it meets the changing consumption needs of multicultural communities.

“With 86 per cent of SBS’s language audiences consuming this content via mobile devices, and more than 2.3 million monthly website users on average, our new website enables us to increase engagement on both mobile and desktop, and puts on demand content at the forefront, making it easier for audiences to navigate the extensive selection of in language news, entertainment and information available from SBS Radio.”




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