SBS Radio Services Review Public Consultation Now Open

SBS Radio has launched a public consultation on the criteria it is proposing for an SBS Radio Services Review, calling on audiences, communities and stakeholders to provide feedback by Sunday 11 December.

SBS has committed to regularly reviewing and updating the schedule every five years in conjunction with new Census data to ensure it continues to reflect the needs of communities in Australia today. Regularly updating the schedule enables SBS to better service the largest communities with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and offer services to emerging and high-needs communities.

The criteria will be used, in conjunction with the 2016 Census data, to determine which languages are provided by SBS Radio services. The way in which those services will be delivered will be determined in 2017 by SBS, taking into account changes in audience listening habits, the need to support audience demands for anytime, anywhere news and information via digital platforms and the changing demographics of Australia’s diverse communities.

SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, Mandi Wicks said: “SBS has developed clear and logical draft criteria for reviewing and updating SBS Radio’s services. All feedback will be taken into account before the criteria is finalised. This will ensure an objective and transparent process is applied, and that SBS delivers on its Charter commitments.”

SBS will run both English and translated recorded notifications to inform audiences of the SBS Radio Services Review and the public consultation process.

The last review of SBS Radio’s service was conducted over 2012-2013, which was the first major review in 18 years. At the time, SBS committed to reviewing the schedule in line with the release of each Census.

The Selection Criteria is due to be finalised in March 2017 with the new schedule to launch before the end of 2017.

To view the draft Selection Criteria and submit feedback, go to

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