SCA wins digital rankings

SCA holds onto its leadership of the digital rankings in the radio category this month, with major wins as outlined in Nielsen’s latest digital figures.
#1 Commercial Radio Group online:

  • 300,000 average monthly LIAS ahead of the competition
  • 55% larger than any Other Radio Group

SCA’s Hit Network also claims leading Radio Network:

  • #1 Radio Network online 
  • #1 Radio Network on mobile

SCA, Chief Digital Enablement Officer, Vijay Solanki, said, “We are thrilled with the digital wins for SCA in the radio category, holding onto #1 when it comes to average monthly unique audience. Not Only is SCA the number 1 radio group online, but our Hit Network also leads all radio Networks both online and on mobile. This includes all Hit Network brands, everything from to the Hit Network’s (also a national radio show). When you do that it’s easy to see that the Hit network is clear #1.” 
 SCA also continues to lead the market in terms of social media scale and engagement with over 8.6M Facebook fans, 1.8M Twitter followers and 780,000 followers on Instagram.
“We’re incredibly passionate about our website and mobile audiences but these are not the only metrics we consider. When it comes to all things digital, the impact of our social media footprint and the commercial value we deliver to clients and Our business is also critical.” said Vijay Solanki.

View SCA’s results presentation here.


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