SCM board positions up in the air

After the disasterous survey one result for 2DAY FM, Max Moore-Wilton’s comments in this week’s Financial Review may indicate an uncertain future for Southern Cross Media’s board members and senior executives.   

Board Chairman Moore-Wilton didn’t say the positions within senior management were being reviewed after the poor rating performance, but he also didn’t guarantee that any members had tenure past the end of 2014, saying: “Nobody has any guarantees, it’s business as usual.”

In regard to the the poor performance of 2DAY he said: “We were surprised by the extent of the declines and that obviously is a matter we are giving serious consideration to. This is something we need to look at in a very businesslike and professional way and talk to advertisers and stakeholders.

Naturally there’s been contact between board members but there has been no board meeting. There will be a meeting later in the month. Our management is working on the issue and we will discuss it more formally at the board meeting later in the month.”

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