Sea FM makes a big splash on the Sunshine Coast

91.9 Sea FM is the big mover on the Sunshine Coast, but 92.7 MIX FM still leads the pack in the latest Xtra Insights Survey released today.

Sea FM is up by 3.2 to 13.2, but still trails HOT91, up 1.9 to 13.5, and MIX who was down 1.4 to 17.0.

Next best on the Sunshine Coast is triple j, down 2.5 to 11.0.


In breakfast BarRat & Heidi (Sea FM) stormed into second place, up 4.4 to 14.3, and now within striking distance of Mark & Caroline (MIX) who were down slightly to 17.4.


Sam & Ash (HOT91) were up by 0.1 to 12.9.

The Cumes for the top four stations show solid gains with MIX up to 101,200, Sea FM 83,800, HOT91 88,100 and triple j 74,600.



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