SCA launches interactive guide to surviving lockdown

The Hit Network, has launched a new smart speaker experience, Tom and Olly’s Guide to Lockdown.

The smart speaker skill is a spin-off of SCA’s The Locals’ Guide, following a successful trial in Queensland across metro and regional markets.

By simply asking a smart speaker or smart assistants on phones to launch Tom and Olly’s Guide to Lockdown, users will be able to choose their own adventure as both Tom and Olly serve up inspiration for cooking to craft, family and fitness.

Tom and Olly jumped at the chance to be involved in the concept: “We cannot wait to be in the homes of Aussies! Not literally of course that’d be weird….

 “Our list of lockdown activities will keep you company and entertained, we promise they are much better than the first draft of this list which included sorting out sprinkles and staring at colourful walls.”

Head of The Studio at SCA, Brisbane, Jeanna Manifold, says, “We know Australians are engaging with smart speakers like never before. Ownership of smart speakers across the country has increased 53% year on year and the SCA audience significantly outpaces general population smart speaker ownership – 41% versus 26%. More than two in three people who consume news through their smart speaker listen to SCA branded content, so it makes perfect sense to leverage this trust and credibility into our entertainment brands as well.”

Tom and Olly’s Guide to Lockdown is now available nationally and will be promoted in markets currently under restrictions. Listeners will also be offered the chance to recommend virtual events and contribute to the content of the skill itself.

To hear the skill in action, simply say “Alexa, Launch Tom and Olly’s Guide to Lockdown” or “Launch Tom and Olly’s Guide to Lockdown”

Source: SCAiQ Smart Audio Study | March 2021

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