SEA FM takes radio back to the 70’s

Yes, in the never ending world cost cutting, multi skilling, productivity increases SEA FM and its sister stations in the RG Capital Radio network will return to the era of…………The Live Mid-Dawn shift.

From this week, Trent Towson a former highschool work experience kid will go live 5 mornings a week on the “SEA” stream of stations on the R.G. Capital Radio Network.

Nath “The Net Nerd Wright” (another former Highschool experience kid) will man the Saturday morning shift, and Simon “Bags” Baggott who is still in year 12 will cover Sundays mid dawn.

While the rest of the country’s regional radio stations press the “auto – no one is here” button SEA FM will deliver a show specifically designed for those that work the graveyard shift and are after a bit of company during the wee small hours.

The show itself will be known as “The Graveyard Shift” and a full list of participating radio stations can be found at Shift worker requests can be emailed via the website.

Music, entertainment, information, and comedy will be the features during “The Graveyard Shift”

SEA FM and all RG Capital Radio Stations are incredibly excited about continuing to deliver “Live” radio 24 hours a day and many announcers who still remember when they got their starts on the mid-dawn shift wish RG Capital well with the new initiative.