Hay – Good news

Following up last week’s story, Hay FM’s Airlie Circuitt reports that the station’s crisis meeting held this week was successful in moving towards solutions for HAY FM’s troubles. Local TV, ABC Radio, the local newspaper and commercial station 2RG all gave coverage to the station’s efforts to fix its plight.

“The meeting went well and I think we have some good people on the new Management Committee,” says Circuitt. “The AMT website article was amazing, we had calls and offers of help and support from all over, which we are following up. Thanks AMT!”

“One of our new Management Committee members, Rob Nesbit, has offered to sky dive out of a plane to raise funds and has already got over $1000. SkyDiveOz has also donated his plane ride. It’s a wonderful effort and an indication about how our listeners feel about us – pretty special isn’t it!”

The station’s new committee now includes a highway patrol officer, a staffer from the Hay shire council, the local RTA manager Wayne Price and various on-air presenters. HAY FM now also has a “fantastic grants committee” and a membership and fundraising committee which has already begun activities.

Circuitt says: “I felt so alone with the problems of the station, but this response has been wonderful.” Over 30 people attended the meeting and many more have since followed up with offers of support. “Pretty good for a cold winters night in Hay.”