Second offer for Monaro community licence

The ABA has also invited applications for a new community radio licence for the Monaro area of New South Wales on FM 93.3, with town-only FM transmitters to serve Cooma on 90.5 MHz and Jindabyne on 93.9 MHz.

ABA Chairman David Flint explained to AMT that the licence was up for grabs again after an earlier withdrawal: “The ABA previously sought applications for the licence in November 1999. However, after giving careful consideration to the criteria laid down in the legislation and the information provided by both applicants, the ABA decided not to allocate the licence… As two years have passed since that decision, the ABA feels both groups should be given another opportunity to apply for the licence and demonstrate that they now have the capacity to satisfy the criteria at Section 84 of the Broadcasting Services Act.”

Applicants should contact the Licensing Section on 1800 226 667 or (02) 9334 7700 for copies of the Monaro application information booklet and submit applications before 5.00 pm on Monday 8 July 2002.