3XX launched in Melbourne

A new Melbourne radio station hit the airwaves on 27 May, with the launch of off-band station 3XX on AM 1611.

Double X has been established by Anton Vanderlely, the founder of Melbourne youth radio stations HITZ FM, and CITY FM.

The station is built on the concept of the former community stations, Hitz, Kix, and City. It will provide “a young and energetic style of programming to an audience abandoned by the loss of community radio stations.”

Vanderlely told AMT: “We aim to provide a new and dynamic sound, provide the opportunity for new talent to be heard, and establish ourselves as a Melbourne icon.”

The Double X format will be “unique to Melbourne as it will presents dance, top 40, retro 80’s and 90’s classics, all packaged together, as well as being on the AM dial… We also hope to proactively present and promote local and emerging Australian artists, and Australian music,” says Vanderlely.

Unlike previous community stations, Double X is “here to stay,” according to Vanderlay, because it holds a 10-year licence, along with the ability to broadcast as far as Geelong and the Surf-Coast.