SEN 1116 embarks on major digital overhaul of online assets

Next Digital, headquartered in Melbourne, was recently appointed by SEN 1116 to strengthen the radio network’s online presence.

The partnership will focus on creating the best user experience for SEN and MyMp listeners and the commercialisation of the network’s digital assets.

This will kick-off with a rebuild of the networks’ site on the Umbraco 7.0 open source web platform. The new site will better facilitate the networks’ live audio streams, including by localising the hosting and reducing latency, enabling a better service for listeners and a competitive advantage for the station.

Alongside the new website, a program of strategic, marketing and campaign initiatives will take place to engage more listeners. These will include paid search media placement, search engine optimisation and targeting social networks. SEN will:

  • Provide a superior experience to their listeners and fans – particularly via mobile. Responsive Design will be used to ensure that content is accessible and easy to use regardless of what device they are using
  • Achieve higher engagement levels and repeat visits while acquiring a larger and more engaged online community
  • Have a greater integration of commercial partnerships within digital properties
  • Create a more valuable commercial asset to leverage

SEN’s Chief Executive Officer Barrie Quick has told radioinfo: “Our goal is to deliver first class engaging content via a first class online solution to all devices. We’re confident that the partnership with Next Digital will benefit us and our fans while building a strong commercial asset.”

Stephen Smorgon, Next Digital CEO said: “Our dedicated team specialise in the Sports and Leisure vertical and have the experience required to ensure that SEN can make the most of having a strong user engagement platform.”

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