SEN robbed of broadcast equipment

Melbourne sport station SEN was robbed of a number of items late at night on Thursday February 12 while staff in the on-air studio were oblivious to what was going on.

SEN CFO, Steven Sweeney told radioinfo that among the haul were some mobile phones, microphones and digital recording equipment, much of which wouldn’t be easy to sell down at the local pub. 

The suspect was seen on security cameras inside the radio station on Swan Street, in Richmond, just after 11:30pm on January 12.

Mr Sweeney says, “The cctv equipment shows that it wasn’t an inside job. It was someone who was opportunistic who’s got through our security and wandered around and pilfered through some drawers and cupboards.”

Police said the man spent about 40 minutes inside and removed the items one at a time, loading them onto a skip.

He then wheeled the skip down Bendigo Street where it was believed he loaded the equipment into a car.

The suspect (pictured) is described by Police as Caucasian, aged in his mid-30s, with a scar above his left eyebrow and sleeve tattoo on his left arm.


Anyone with information is urged to contact Victoria Police.