Settle pet-al: iHeart’s new pet radio

iHeart has created a new radio station, Pet Radio, specifically designed for your four legged family member.

The music selection is based around a study by Animal behaviourist Dr. Deborah Wells showing dogs spent more time resting and being quiet when exposed to classical music as compared to heavy metal music, pop music, or conversation. Apparently reggae too can help you pet experience less stress while you are away.

Delightfully the station also features podcasts like Cattitude, the #1 cat podcast about cats as pets, the Purrrcast and Dr Dunbar’s iWoofs and other pet specific informational podcasts for dog mums and dads. The only thing is if, for example, the Purrrcast plays during a time while I’m out, my dog Raven (pictured – yes the name is ironic) who is terrified of our cat Casper (she is white – the irony wasn’t a theme) might not be quite as calmed as expected!

To access Pet Radio, you use the free iHeartRadio app, ask Alexa to “Play Pet Radio on iHeartRadio” or use the iHeartRadio app on your smart TV.


Jen Seyderhelm is a writer, editor, podcaster and dog mum for Radioinfo.

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