Shake up on triple j breakfast as Luka Muller joins Conchetta Caristo

Luka Muller will join Concetta Caristo on triple j Breakfast in July, with her current co-host Bryce Mills moving to join Dave Woodhead on Lunch.

Comedian, podcaster and presenter Muller is already familiar on triple j, hosting Weekend Arvos alongside Jordan Barr. This new gig will likely mean putting some of his comedy shows and festivals aside for a while.

Muller said:

“I can’t even begin to process how excited I am to join triple j Breakfast. I’ve been tuning into the station since I was ten years old. Listening to the Breakfast show on my way to high school shaped my taste in music and introduced me to the idea of becoming a comedian, which has shaped my entire life ever since. Oh God, even saying that out loud, I’m getting overwhelmed! 

I’ve been friends with Concetta for years, before either of us worked at triple j, so joining her is huge. I can’t wait to do heaps of fun stuff together and hope to connect with triple j listeners in the same way I felt connected with the station as a teenager.”

Mills will wrap up on breakfast Friday June 21, saying:

“triple j Breakfast was the dictionary definition of a dream job for me. I’d lie in my bed in high school, stare at the roof and imagine myself one day doing the things I’ve been privileged enough to do over the last three and a half years. I’m so thankful to our listeners who have shared their deepest, darkest and weirdest stories and secrets with us every morning.

​When triple j came to me with the opportunity to start something brand new with my mate Dave Woodhead, I did a lot of reflecting and figured that now was the perfect time. I’ve left no stone unturned on Breakfast, and now I get to help launch a brand new Lunch show that hasn’t existed before. The chance to have a normal circadian rhythm again is honestly just a bonus at this point!”

He and Caristo had been doing breakfast together for the last 18 months, a period in which triple j has increasingly struggled in the radio ratings.

While a move to freshen up breakfast at triple j might be a good thing, it is also perhaps reflective of an incident at the station in April where Concetta was left high and dry while either Bryce and/or fill in Dave went missing in action.

Concetta & Luka commence on triple j Breakfast on July 1. The new triple j Lunch with Dave & Bryce starts the week after, Monday July 8, from 12pm – 3:30pm, Mondays to Fridays.


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