Sheeran announces new record label on Nova

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran dropped the news on Nova that he is launching his own record label, Gingerbread, last night.
The label has planned distribution via Atlantic UK internationally his first signing is the Manchester based Jamie Lawson.
Ed Sheeran said, “This is a world exclusive, no one else in the world knows this yet. I’ve set up my first record label, it’s called Gingerbread and Jamie is my first signing. I wanted Australia to be the launch pad because Australia is a country that I feel would really really dig Jamie.”
Lawson joined Sheeran at Smallzy’s Surgery for an interview and performance of his single Wasn’t Expecting That, which reached the top of the charts in Ireland. A new version of the single was recorded in London with additional vocal takes being done in Brisbane last week.
Lawson has toured previously with Sheeran in the UK and Europe and is currently supporting him on his tour of Australia and New Zeland.
Listen to Sheean’s announcement below.


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