The shock jock has been given a shock of his own

Less than 24 hours after Alan Jones put the boot into Kyle Sandilands reminding him on national television just who is number one, Kyle has had a go at Fitzy and Wippa.

The KIIS 106.5 breakfast shock jock got a shock himself when he phoned his on-air rivals at Nova for a chat, only to be knocked back.

Kyle was calling the Nova 96.9  duo in celebration of the upcoming World Peace Day, but was told by their Producer they weren’t available to speak.

“What a bunch of pansies“, was his response, and in the spirit of peace went on to say “tell that Wippa don’t come up to me in the street arse-licking, saying what a great bloke I am. What a bloody bunch of losers”.

Will Fitzy and Wippa fire back?

Grab the popcorn.

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