Sign of the Times? Fitzy and Wippa talk to PM Turnbull about the prospect of war

Long the domain of fun, frivolity and the sometime banal, is FM radio now trying to emulate the efforts of its AM talk brethren?

That’s the question on many listeners’ lips after Nova FM’s, Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli, interviewed the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, on their breakfast show today.

By their own admission, Fitzy and Wippa would rather wake you with a laugh – at their own expense. But the start of their 10 minute banter with the PM would have evoked anything but.

The duo began their chat by asking Mr Turnbull about the North Korea crisis. Fitzy and Wippa wanted to know how close the world was to reacting to the isolated regime’s latest missile test.

Mr Turnbull repeated his oft-asserted notion of a dangerous, reckless, provocative regime and the need for tougher United Nations sanctions to curb its belligerence.
He also cited comments by a UN diplomat who recently remarked that North Korea was “begging for war”, a sentiment the breakfast duo readily concurred with.

It wasn’t until well into the interview that Fitzy and Wippa returned to familiar ground, taking a call from Australian basketballer, Andrew Gaze, who quizzed the PM on his knowledge of the five-a-side game.

A fan of the game, Mr Turnbull admitted he was as good at basketball as he was at karaoke.

Fitzy and Wippa ended the interview by asking the PM what his favourite song was. Mr Turnbull cited what he called a romantic piece, Mental As Anything’s ‘If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too”, admitting he had “slowed waltzed” with wife, Lucy, to the tune.

Mr Turnbull is due to hold talks with US president, Donald Trump on the Korean crisis soon. One wonders whether the Mentals’ signature tune might also be a portent of worse things to come.


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