Sleep podcast counts Ikea product names… not sheep

IKEA Australia has launched its first Australian Podcast, which aims to help Australians ‘fall asleep more easily’ in the conpany’s trademark, tongue-in-cheek way.
Pro Podcast Production has produced the podcast, called, appropriately enough, the Ikea Sleep Podcast.

Pro Podcast Productions’ Darcy Milne produced and edited the podcast, bringing the soothing sounds of the IKEA catalogue, read out loud by Swedish speaking narrators, set to a calming soundscape.

Docksta, Ektorp, Poäng, Kallax… Billy Bookcase.

For 35 minutes, instead of counting sheep, you can listen to two Swedish IKEA Australia co-workers listing names of products which is designed to help you fall asleep.

The podcast starts with an explanation of IKEA product names, such as how beds and wardrobes are named after Norwegian places and textiles are named after flowers and plants, before launching into the names of IKEA products.

Darcy Milne, the audio producer for Nova’s National Drive Show; Kate, Tim and Marty, also owns, which works with brands and individuals to produce, image and launch podcasts.
Darcy holds the 2016 Metro Best Achievement in Production and has worked with radio personalities including Jules Lund, Merrick Watts, Sophie Monk, Will & Woody, Dan and Maz and now Kate, Tim and Marty.

When interrogated by radioinfo’s investigative reporting team, Milne refused to name the brand of desk he is sitting at pictured in his office, but our own investigations have revealed that it may be either the Ikea SKARSTA or MALM.

Listen to the podcast below.



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