So there Ros Reines: Craig Bruce’s top 5 female announcers

In the next instalment of tweets from Craig Bruce, today he listed his top 5 young up and coming female announcers.

Ros Reines “obviously hasn’t heard about” these announcers yet, says Craig Bruce, hitting back at the newspaper columnist who earlier this week criticised female breakfast hosts in a Daily Telegraph column.

Reines wrote:

Sophie Monk is unfortunately an extreme example of the way in which most women on FM radio are simply content to be there as ditsy foils for the men.

Alas, strong, independent female voices on this frequency are few and far between. Aside from people like Amanda Keller, who co-hosts the Jonesy and Amanda breakfast show on WSFM with Brendan Jones, or Maude Garrett, who hosts 2DayFM’s The Hot Hits, it feels like there is a dearth of talent out there on FM.

Of course, there’s Kyle Sandilands’ co-host, Jackie O, who is well-known as the half of the duo that does all the work, yet even she feeds into the wacky, blonde female stereotype, especially when she finds herself the butt of jokes or becomes hysterical when a mini-beast is introduced to the studio. It’s harmless fun but it detracts from some of her attributes.

Craig’s top 5 list of up and coming female announcers is: Heidi Anderson, Kristie Mercer, Kristen Henry, Dani Pola and Esther Woodhams.