Soda’s taco challenge is beaten by Brussels sprouts

Mix 102.3’s Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom loves a challenge, having recently tried to beat a Guinness World Record by staying awake while riding a ferris wheel for 52 hours and then eating  a 4.2kg steak, the biggest ever eaten at Adelaide restaurant Gaucho’s.
This week he completed the New York Marathon in less than four hours and just for fun decided to take on an eating challenge at New York restaurant Otto’s Tacos where the record for the soft-shell tacos eaten in one hour is 31.
That record was set two years ago by Molly Schuyler, a professional eater, who once ate 2kg of steak in two minutes and 44 seconds to set a world record.
When Soda walked into Otto’s and told them he was going to break the record, they laughed at him and said everyone who has attempted the record has stopped at half-way.
Challenge accepted.
Soda managed to get through 20 chicken tacos but found them to be “drier than a dead dingo’s donger” even with the sauces.
So he switched to the vegetarian taco, which is usually mushroom, but as luck would have it, the vegetarian option on the day was Brussels sprout.
Heroically, Soda managed to get through six more tacos but then had to admit defeat saying the Brussels sprout tacos were “absolutely horrendous”.
Despite his best efforts, Soda had to retire from the eating challenge at 26 tacos and said he felt worse than he did after running a 42km marathon.




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