Songl parent rebrands to offer solutions for business

SCA along with its partners in Digital Music Distribution (DMD), Sony Music Entertainment Australia (SMEA) and Universal Music Australia (UMA) has announced the rebranding and refocus of DMD, which will now be known as Songl Solutions (

The company says that this will allow the new entity to focus on and leverage its core business of linear music supply to Foxtel’s 24/7 music service – Foxtel Music, which incorporates 32 linear music channels. Songl Solutions will also continue to supply linear music options to Satellite Music Australia (SMA).

The company stressed that it will continue to match the ever-increasing consumer appetite for online audio content by staying committed to consumer-facing streaming services.

One example is its current investment in “Omny is one of the world’s first truly personalised radio products that mixes premium broadcast content from radio personalities with the music the mobile user has access to, in a beautiful app environment. A strong collaboration exists between SCA and Omny’s parent company, 1-2-1 Cast, across content, design, development and commercial operations. Having successfully launched as a Beta in Melbourne earlier this year, it is now planning its international expansion,” the company statement said.

“This renewed commitment to music will also include the delivery of white label music solutions for brands – inclusive of branded App and streaming solutions, in-store music streaming, bespoke music experiences and niche artist executions. Songl Solutions is also excited to be exploring further options, events and partnerships,” the statement said.

On the other hand, a message from Songl sent to its subscribers late on Monday afternoon said, “Unfortunately, we are not continuing our on demand music subscription service after September 25, 2014. 

“We know you’ve spent time creating a bunch of personal playlists, so we have a way you can save your playlists via your desktop and use them with another music streaming service of your choice,” said the email.

Songl will be liaising directly with its consumer base about this change, which will include relevant transition advice and guidance.

Guy Dobson, SCA Chief Content Officer said, “The new future of SCA has an increased focus on music, understanding the role it plays for consumers and brands alike. The partner combination currently in place with Omny is strong and we are also looking forward to a year of success driven out of product innovation to achieve boundary-pushing business to business experiences that give brands direct access to music solutions.”





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