Sonic Branding is an advertiser’s most powerful tool #AudioUnlimited Conference

Shannon Bosshard  from ARN and Matt Dickson from SCA put their company rivalries behind them at the Audio Unlimited conference to share secrets of audio advertising with the agencies and advertisers in the conference room.

“Repeated exposure to your favourite audio gets into your head and never goes out,” said the pair, explaining the importance of sonic branding.

Key tips from the session include:

  • Be distinctive – make your sonic brand different from all others
  • When composing your sonic, write your melody and audio to the the rhythm of how you say the name of your brand
  • Check that no one else sounds like you
  • Compose the logo into a longer piecce of music if possible, to use for various treatments
  • Use your sonic brand everywhere
  • Update if necessary, but never change the pitch or melody.
  • Consistent, present and unique. Bunnings has only remixed their jingle once in 30 years, it is familiar to everyone because of that

Neurolab research shows that people invest less attention into online platforms than they do during consumption of audio and tv. Sonic branding can help you cut through more effectively.

In another session, Podcast consumption and ad effectiveness were discussed in a panel moderated by Grant Tothill. Panelists were: Jen Goggin (SCA), Del Fordham (NEWS), Rachel Corbett (NOVA), Corey Layton (ARN), Nikki Rooke (Nine).

The panel discussed the acceleration of podcasting consumption which continues to grow. “Podcasting is such an uncluttered personal environment that there is much more cut through than other platforms.”


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