Sophie Monk back on radio – with Kyle & Jackie O

Sophie Monk who quit 2Day-FM’s ill fated Merrick, Jules and Sophie Breakfast show just before SCA axed it at the end of 2014 is back on the Radio, this time with Kyle & Jacki O on KIIS 106.5.

Sophie has been doing the odd guest spot with the duo in a segment called Double Dare which requires her to do pretty much whatever Jackie and her producer Oscar tell her to.

The first Double Dare required Sophie to go into a shoe store and shop lift a pair of shoes. But her latest DD video that clinched the deal for her to produce a regular series of segments for KIIS involved her farting in a yoga class. Classy! Watch the video below.

ARN’s National Content Director Duncan Campbell said “this is the second Double Dare The Kyle & Jackie O Show has done with Sophie, and Kyle and Jackie have plenty more fun segments planned with Sophie over the coming months.”


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