Sophie Monk explains those raunchy pics

If Sophie Monk was looking for publicity for herself and/or the breakfast show on 2Day-FM, she certainly hit the jackpot. The raunchy shots of her braless as she leaned over a suitcase, uploaded onto instagram, went viral as they were shown on a wide cross-section of media including our own.

This morning on the Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B show she shrugged off criticism from wowsers saying,  “I have to say I uploaded that sober. I had two glasses of wine when I did the dance, because usually I can’t dance…the whole video is awesome…I probably just chose the wrong bit. But, don’t regret it, I owned it, it could have been a lot worse. 

“I could have been in a nightclub dancing with a man instead, or being irresponsible. I was at home, dancing in my pyjamas, with a suitcase, doing a duet. Who doesn’t do that?”

“I was relaxed! I was on holiday, and I own it and I think in a weird way it’s a good thing for women…I think I’m a role model.”

Listen to the 3 min segment below.


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