Spots & Space expands

Spots & Space, a quiet achiever in the field of specialist media sales, has appointed a new sales manager.


Scott McKeown has been appointed sales manager at Spots & Space, a media sales representative company that works in the area of community radio and other specialist media. The company is well known within the community radio sector, and sells differently from most rep companies.

Its focus is on helping national advertisers reach audience segments that may not be using main stream media, such as ethnic groups. Government advertisers often go to Spots & Space to help them place such messages targeting those groups.

McKeown’s sales background is in both mainstream and community media, including Foxtel and SSO Media. With structural changes happening in the media, he sees specialist media as a new growth area for advertisers.

scottmckewon_232.The large commercial radio and TV stations would love to have the connection with their audience that our outlets have,” says McKeown.

“Last century it was great to be big, but now that the audience can create their own digital communities they seek media that is connected to their lives. That’s why advertisers come to buy [from us].”

McKeown was at Foxtel from the first sales of Pay-TV and has seen the growth of online and social media channels to a point where they now have to be part of any brand’s visibility.

He played an integral part in the re-launch of Australia’s oldest gay and lesbian media company, Star Observer. This newspaper is now a multi-platform national printed newspaper, magazine, website and social media outlet.

Spots & Space represents more that 500 media outlets including youth, ethnic, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Gay and Lesbian, Seniors, and community radio, television, print and digital media outlets.

The company started as I&G Media in 1994. The founder, Lee Hubber had worked for community radio in Perth and as a National Marketing Director for the Public Broadcasting Association of Australia (now the CBA). Lee also established the sales activities for SBS’s national radio network.

Spots & Space was launched in 2007 to fulfil a dedicated sales function for specialist media.

Marketing Assistant Elsie Enoka told radioinfo:“We are committed to promoting the strengths of community broadcasting.  The sector offers some excellent sponsorship opportunities to national advertisers and the focus on niche audiences is increasing.  The community media sector is a leader in its ability to closely identify the nature of its audience.