Stern off, ratings down for Clear channel stations

The recent ruckus over
Howard Stern’s battle with the FCC and Clear Channel has seen his ratings increase on all stations which kept the program on air despite the controversy.

Stations which dropped Stern slipped in the ratings.

During the winter survey in New York, L.A., Chicago, Boston, Cleveland and Hartford Stern’s ratings increased.

However, the stations where Clear Channel dropped Stern – – WBGG-FM Miami/Fort Lauderdale, WTKS-FM Orlando, WXFX-FM Rochester, KIOZ-FM San Diego, WXDX-FM Pittsburgh and WTFX-FM Louisville – – have been suffering.

In San Diego, for example, KIOZ’s breakfast slot crashed from an 8.9% in February to 0.7% in March, the first month without Stern.

WXDX’s overall P12+ rating dropped from 4.8% to 3.5%.