Steve Swadling loses fight for life

Capital Radio boss, Kevin Blyton has told friends and staff, “I have known for a while that I would have to write this email but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I have some very sad news. Steve Swadling passed away at Goulburn Hospital this morning.”

Mr Swadling, who was GM of Goulburn’s Eagle FM and 2GN, first complained to doctors in July, who found bleeding on the brain which they rectified. They thought it was indicative of a stroke, but failed to find the tumour at that stage that would end his life..

Mr Blyton said he was with his wife and family when he passed away. Steve was 58 years old – a good man – he certainly didn’t deserve to go so young and in the way he did.

“He worked for us for 23 years and was the longest serving employee of the Capital Radio Network.

“He was the General Manager of our Radio Operations in Goulburn, past Deputy Mayor of Goulburn, current President of the Goulburn Soldiers Club,” said Mr Blyton.

In 2002 Mr Swadling was awarded the inaugural ACRA for Most Popular Station Manager (country).

Mr Swadling, is survived by his wife Mireen, three children and four grandchildren. He was also Goulburn’s most popular Marriage Celebrant.

Mr Blyton concluded, “His family are naturally very distressed and our thoughts should be with them now.”