The stork has arrived in the Hunter Valley

It was a morning of surprises at Power FM Hunter Valley of Friday with one half of the Power Brekkie Show Nicky Ainley announcing that she is pregnant with not one, but two babies on the way.

A bit of a shock all round, not only for the audience, but also with her co-host Sebba Claassen, as he had completely no idea.

Nix cleverly opened it up with a phone topic, and then led onto making the announcement. Seb was pretty gobsmacked, so Nix let that sit for a second before hitting him with the second blow of twins.

Sebba was blissfully unaware of the news up until this morning, even though the tell-tale signs had been around for a number of weeks.

Nix had drastically changed her diet from snacking on Snakes, Jelly Beans and Chips in the arvo’s to healthier options like blueberries and nuts. Not to mention the frequent dashes to the bathroom.

She also used ‘Dry July’ as a bit of an illusion for keeping it clean which had Sebba a little stumped.  

Congratulations to Nix and Partner Chris on the announcement.

In some other  news for Radio Hunter Valley,  traffic manager Trish Hobbs celebrated 30 years at the station.

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