Story Stream gaining popularity in ABC Listen App

A few weeks ago, as part of the latest update, the ABC Listen app added a new section called Story Stream.

An initiative of the ABC’s Regional and Local division, the stream selects about ten stories from the ABC’s metro and regional stations for replay in a continuous stream in the corporation’s audio app.

It is a curated playlist of “the most compelling local audio stories from around the country” and positions the corporation’s local stations in the on-demand space, along with content from the News division, Radio National and other ABC audio channels.

Unlike live radio, where you may have to keep listening to a topic you are not interested in before you get to the next topic covered by the presenter,  a unique feature of Story Stream is that it is skippable, which means listeners can jump ahead if they wish. Fresh stories are added to the stream each weekday.

The new playlist has quickly become one of the ABC’s most streamed on-demand offerings. Audience statistics from the app show that listeners have some regular habits, such as using the News stream in the mornings and now using the Story stream in the evenings, as well as consuming other ABC live and on-demand audio content at other times of the day.

Podcast episodes are also being added into the mix to help the audience discover new titles such as Expanse: Pink Diamond Heist and the Sammy J Snack Pack. Audience feedback indicates that listeners enjoy the bite-sized stories and the escape from the news cycle.

Average play time per user is more than 20 minutes, with most people listening to around eight stories at a time.

A spokesperson for the Regional and Local division has told radioinfo there are plans to refine the story stream further over time, with story topic searchability and more accessibility via smart speakers planned in future updates.

The Story Stream sits under the News stream and the News & Analysis tiles on the app home page.




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