Streaming back on some regional stations

Stations in some key regional markets have turned their audio streams back on this week.

Larger markets such as Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Wollongong, Dubbo and Gelong are now back on the internet and their app streams.
Grant Broadcasting and SCA appear to have resumed in bigger markets.


Regional Radio streaming was turned off as part of the copyright dispute case with the PPCA in 2014, but some stations in bigger markets turned their streams back on later that year.

The dispute centres on a demand from the PPCA for extra payments for streaming, but radio stations claim a second payment for online simulcasting is double dipping.

Smaller radio groups claimed that an extra payment would make stations in small markets unprofitable, with such thin profit margins in regional Australia.

ABC and Community Stations were not affected by the legal dispute, and their streams have continued during the commercial station outage.



The final status of the dispute is not yet known, but, regardless of the status of the case, streams are coming back on.

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