Stu MacLeod leaves RTRFM

After 3 years as General Manager of RTRFM, Eskimo Joe guitarist and co-founder, Stu MacLeod has informed the station of his decision to stand down to take up the role of General Manager of Fairbridge Festival.
Having joined in 2015, he leaves the station in a good position both financially and culturally, but the decision did not come lightly, with MacLeod saying it was “difficult to let go of this beautiful thing.”
RTRFM Chair, Rewi Lyall, acknowledges MacLeod’s hard and fruitful work in his time at the station and says the station “…has been fortunate that Stu has dedicated himself to working for the station that gave his band, indeed gives virtually all WA original bands, their first airplay.”
The station is beginning the process of finding its next General Manager with details and expressions of interest to follow.

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