The Super Network will go silent for Goldie this Friday

To acknowledge their sincere respect for Grant Goldman who recently lost his battle to cancer, 2SM Super Network Chairman Bill Caralis, the Caralis family and Super Network staff will show their respect for the influence Goldie had on the Super Network and the Australian radio industry in general.

At 9.00am Friday morning all 107 transmitters of the Super Network will fall silent for one minute to remember their friend, colleague, mentor and mate.

As Grant was held in such a high regard by management and staff at the Super Network it was decided he be afforded this never been done before honour.

Grant passed away last week. His funeral was held Friday 24th January 11.30 am at St John’s Anglican Church, 1624 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale.

Speaking at the Eulogy, his son Mike Goldman told a church packed with mourners that his dad passed on his legacy to his children with this motto:

Laugh at yourself and do what you love.

Mike and Jay, who have both worked on air at Supernetwork, thanked Bill Caralis for his support during their dad’s illness.

Many of Grant’s other children were also invloved in media in some way or other, and spoke of his support for their careers.

The final speaker in the Eulogy, John Laws, paid tribute to a man whose professionalism and good humour saw him liked and respected by everyone in the radio industry.



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