Super Radio Mid North Coast’s Nik James steps up

FM93.5 and Radio 531 Sales and Marketing Manager, Nik James has stepped up to cover for comedian Jean Kittson, at the recent the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce, Awards night.
Kittson had broken her leg the night before and was unable to travel, and Nick was able to step in at the last minute and armed with a freshly shaven head, a suit that had just been dry-cleaned, a running sheet with the ink still wet and a couple of opening lines he just thought of and he says he was “…63% sure (he) could handle the challenge ahead.”
Just moments before taking the stage the 350 strong crowd were told Jean wasn’t coming and Nik says you could hear the massive disappointment in their voices with a synchronised “Ohhhhhhhhhh.”
Regardless he took the stage at 7.30, pushed aside the nerves and pressure to perform, tried to the ignore the direct beam of the spotlight in his eyes and cracked his lame Dad jokes.
They laughed.
Not one name was mispronounced, the crisis was averted and the rest was history with a good night had by all.
Nik says he “…is not the biggest Radio Name on the NSW Mid North Coast when you consider the number of SCA Announcers in Port and Coffs but when you need someone to save the day… who ya gunna call? Super Radio Niko.”




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