Survey 1 Analysis: Gold beats Fox in Melbourne, Smooth Sydney up, Mix toppled in Adelaide

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Southern Cross Austereo

Overall, SCA has performed well with the majority of it’s stations gaining ground in each capital.

The first GfK survey of 2016 has kept the wolves from the 2Day door with an uptick for the station from a 3.3 to 4.0 overall. Yet that was done on huge gains in Mornings and Afternoons with breakfast steady on a 3.0 share and Drive slightly down.

In Melbourne, FOX lost its #1 FM crown to GOLD. While the hit branded station lost a little ground in Brisbane too, it posted really good gains in both Adelaide and Perth.

Meanwhile Triple M  had a fabulous survey going up in every city. 2MMM shot to a 7.1 in Sydney and had a modest gain in Melbourne. But in Brisbane it put on a massive 2.4, in Adelaide 1.5 and in Perth, 92.9 gained 1.1.

NOVA Entertainment

The headline for NE is the spectacular performance of smoothfm in Sydney and strong results for Nova in Adelaide and Perth.

With its highest rating ever smooth 95.3 scored a 1.7 lift to an 8.6 overall making it number 2 FM behind KIIS in Sydney. Strangely, smooth 91.5 eased a little in Melbourne to land on 6.5 making the gap between the two stations, with essentially the same format wider than it has ever been.

While NOVA stations did well in Adelaide and Perth, they slid in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


If ARN were waiting for this survey result before inking a new contract with Kyle & Jackie O, they may have to put another zero on the figure. The duo notched up a 12.5 share putting them at #2 in Breakfast behind Alan Jones.

Luckily, the Hughesy and Kate contract isn’t up for renewal this year because they’ve gone one better to take the #1 Drive spot with an 11.6 share.

In Melbourne the news on KIIS was not so good with the station down a tad and while the new brekky show showed some signs of growth, Drive with the aforementioned Hughesy and Kate took a 0.9 hit.

Brisbane’s 97.3 retained its #1 slot overall despite shedding 1.4 in audience share. Adelaide, though, spelt disaster for the hitherto unassailable MIX102.3 which has lost it’s #1 crown to the ABC and was beaten by Nova too to come in at third place.

In Perth 96FM seems to have arrested the slide with a modest uptick but is still in 7th place and a long way behind the market leaders.

On the Pure Gold side of things, the standout was Melbourne’s GOLD which has edged out FOX to take the #1 FM spot and #3 overall in the market. WSFM in Sydney also had a handy 0.5 gain to claw back up to a 7.0 share.

In Brisbane, the venerable 4KQ was up by 0.2. But once again Adelaide proved problematic with with CRUISE1323 dipping 1.3 – that on top of the 1.6 loss by MIX102.3.

Macquarie Media and Other Talk

Survey 1 has not been a great survey for Talk or Sports.

A solid 0.8 gain by Alan Jones on Breakfast was offset by a huge 4.4 loss by Ray Hadley in Mornings for 2GB to record an overall loss of -1.2 to give the station a 11.6 headline share… the lowest in a long time. Still, it remains #1.

On the other side of the Harbour Bridge, things weren’t any better with 2UE back on a 4.0 share and it’s Breakfast show losing the ground it gained at the end of last year.

In Melbourne, 3AW also retained its #1 crown despite a slip of -0.5 overall and -2.0 in Breakfast which still managed an incredible 17.8 share.

4BC in Brisbane managed to claw its way back to a 5.0 share overall, but it was no thanks to Breakfast or mornings which both regressed.

In Adelaide the Nova Entertainment owned FIVEaa lost its grip on double figures to land on a 9.6 share. But in Perth, 6PR realised a small gain of 0.4 to land on a 8.2 overall.

Without footy, SEN turned in 3.5 share in Melbourne, down -0.4 from last time while in Sydney, Sky Sports radio clings to a 0.8 share overall.

The MAGIC am music brand lost ground in all its markets, Syd, Mel and Bris.

ABC Local Radio

It was an up and down affair for Local Radio with huge swings in some markets.

In Sydney 702 ABC shed -1.3 and was beaten into third place by KIIS106.5.

Things were better in Melbourne with 774 gaining 0.8 to consolidate second place in the market behind 3AW – the only other station in double figures.

Brisbane was a disaster with 612 ABC dropping 3.0 to land on a headline share of 9.6 and dropping from 3rd place to 5th overall.

Adelaide’s 891 steadied the ship with a modest 0.2 rise but that was enough to overtake MIX102.3 for #1 status. Perth too had a small gain of 0.4 to sneak into double figures, bang on 10.0 in that market.

triple j

A great ‘Hottest 100’ survey for the j’s, with every market, bar Perth enjoying a decent rise.





Click here to pop out the full survey chartSmooth leapfrogged a range of stations with the biggest jump of the Sydney survey, up 1.7 share points overall to 8.6%, due to a hefty lift in listening time by 25-39 and 55-64 year old listeners.

2GB dropped most, down 1.2 overall to 11.6%, but still well ahead of the rest in top position.

Second placed KIIS gained 0.9 share points to 9.8%, followed by ABC702, down 1.3 to 9.0%. Smooth was in fourth place, ahead of triple j which was placed fifth, up 0.6 to 7.6%.

KIIS won 10-17s and 25-39s, triple j won 18-24s, Triple M won 40-54s, smooth won 55-64s and 2GB dominated the over 65s.

2GB’s Alan Jones won breakfast, while KIIS’ Kyle and Jackie closed the gap with a big increase in their shift bringing them into second place at breakfast behind Jones. ABC702 dropped into third place at breakfast.

2GB’s Ray Hadley was number one in Mornings despite a drop in listener numbers. ABC702’s Wendy Harmer also dropped sigificantly in her first survey on 702. Smooth and 2Day lifted in mornings, as did triple j and Classic FM.

Triple j won afternoons ahead of smooth and 2GB, KIIS won drive ahead of triple j, 2GB won evenings ahead of smooth and ABC702. Smooth won weekends.


Unlike Sydney, which had a volatile survey for most stations, Melbourne was relatively steady. 3AW maintained its dominance of the Melbourne market, slipping slightly by 0.5 to 12.9%.

Magic and Fox fell most. Magic down by 1.3 to score last commercial positiion with 2.8%. Fox dropped 1.1 to 8.6%. Triple j had the biggest gain of the survey, up 1.3 share points to 6.4%.

Second placed ABC774 rose by 0.8 to 11.1%, followed by Gold, up 0.7 to 8.9%, pushing Fox into third place with 8.6%. Smooth and Triple M both tied in next position on 6.9%.

Fox won 10-17s, triple j won 18-24s, Fox won 25-39s, Gold won 40-54s and 3AW won the over 55s.

3AW breakfast slipped but retained top position in that timeslot, behind ABC774 then Triple M.

3AW won mornings with ABC774 hot on its heals in that day part. Fox won afternoons just ahead of Gold. Fox’s Hamish and Andy won drive. ABC774 won evenings and 3AW won weekends.


There was significant movement across several stations in Brisbane. Triple M and triple j had the biggest gains, while ABC612, Nova and 97.3 all dropped more than one share point.

97.3 retained its top position in the market despite a fall of 1.4 share points to 12.1%.

Second placed Nova lost 1.7 to 11.0%, followed by Triple M, which was up 2.4 to 10.8%.

I fourth place Hit105.3 slipped fractionally, down 0.4 to 10.3%. ABC612 dropped into fifth place on 9.6%, after losing 3 share points overall.

Nova won 10-17s, Hit won 18-39s, 97.3 won 40-54s, 4KQ won 55-64s and ABC612 won the over 65s.

ABC612 retained its breakfast leadership despite a drop, followed by Nova and 97.3. Triple M won mornings and afternoons, Nova won drive, ABC612 won evenings and 97.3 won weekends.

Speaking to Channel 7 Brisbane, Spencer Howson highlighted that 4BC no longer has a breakfast show. “It’s bad for Brisbane to not have a local 4BC breakfast show,” he told 7.



Mix 102.3 lost its market leadership in Adelaide, dropping by 1.6 share points to 11.4%.

ABC891 moved into first place, up 0.2 to 12.6%, followed by Nova, up 0.4 to 11.6%.

Mix dropped into third place on 11.4%, followed by Triple M, up by 1.5 share points to 10.2%.

Hit107 had a good gain, rising 1.7 share points to move into fifth place on 10.1%. 5AA was sixth, down 0.6 to 9.6%.

Nova won 10-17s and Hit won 18-24s. Triple J and Hit tied for control of the 25-39 demographic. Triple M won 40-54s, Cruise won 55-64s and ABC891 won the over 65s.

ABC891 dominated breakfast, Hit won mornings and afternoons. Nova won drive. ABC891 won evenings and weekends.


Hit 92.9 and Nova had good gains in Perth, while triple j and Classic FM dropped the most.

Mix 94.5 was rock solid in first place on 15.0% overall. Second placed Nova 93.7 gained 1.7 to 13.7%.

Hit92.9 moved into third place, gaining 1.1 to 10.9%. ABC720 was in fourth place on 10.0%, up 0.4. Triple J slipped into fifth place, down 1.6 to 9.7%.

Nova won 10-17s and 25-39s, triple j won 18-24s, Mix won 40-54s, ABC720 won the over 55s.

ABC720 won breakfast ahead of Nova and Mix. Mix won the at-work day parts, mornings, afternoons and drive. Mix also won evenings and weekends.


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