Survey 2 to be released this morning

Praying to the Radio Ratings Gods

Before they tucked themselves in to bed last night, the congregations of the metro networks will be praying for a rich harvest when GfK Survey 2 is released this morning.

At SCA they will have thanked the Lord of Ratings for the solid performances by Triple M in general and especially in Brisbane but ask why He has abandoned them in Melbourne where they have drifted from number one FM last year to the shores of equal 3rd now.

‘And while we’re thankful for the green shoots you’ve provided for the hit Network, our children in Sydney are suffering still. They work so hard, surely Lord, it is time you smiled upon them.’

At Nova Entertainment they would have been thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon them in recent years – especially smoothfm, who like David has defied the odds and slain Goliath. ‘But Lord could you spread some of those blessings to her big sister Nova for smooth is smiting her in the good book of GfK and it’s not a good look.’

ARN will have promised to declare an annual day of feasting to rival Australia Day for the day the radio deity intervened to seduce Kyle and Jackie O to KIIS – if only He would do something about the downward trend in Adelaide and help lift the fortunes of 96FM in Perth.

At Macquarie Media Ltd they will have praised the Lord profusely along with his prophets Jones, Hadley, Mitchell and Ross and John for the continued bounty they bring. But they will be praying hard for some growth and stability at 2UE as well as a miracle that might deliver new legislation that would allow them to keep 2CH in the family or at least get a good price for her on the open market.

Find out whose prayers have been answered this morning from 9:30 when we deliver the results of GfK Survey 2, live, here on radioinfo.