Survey 5: talk top in Sydney & Melbourne, Austereo consolidates elsewhere

The latest Survey 5 Capital City Ratings have been released.
The survey was conducted for Commercial Radio Australia covering the period Sun 9 May to Sat 12 June, and Sun 27 June to Sat 31 July.

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In Sydney, 2GB was top station, up 1.1 share points to 13.8%, followed by Nova on 9.6% (down 0.8) and ABC702 on 9.1% (up 0.6). 2GB had the biggest share increase of the survey while Macquarie stablemate, 2CH, had the biggest drop (down 1.4 share points). Talk stations, 2UE and ABC702, both recorded increases.

In the 10-17 demographic, 2DAY dropped by 2.3 share points to 21.7% and Nova gained slightly to 21.1%. The 18-24 demographic was won by Nova on 30.4%, well ahead of nearest rivals, 2DAY (15.0%) and Triple M (14.3%).

Triple M leads in 25-39s with 18.3%, followed by Nova (14.9%), Mix (11.1%) and 2DAY (11.0%). WSFM won 40-54s (16.0%), followed by ABC702 (12.3%) and 2GB (12.2%). 55+ was dominated by 2GB (26.8%), followed by 2UE (15.7%) and ABC702 (14.9%).

2GB’s Alan Jones won breakfast with an increased 16.7% share, followed by Nova and ABC702. Mornings was won by 2GB’s Ray Hadley and GB also won afternoons. ABC702’s Richard Glover won Drive (10.8%), followed by the revamped Cage on Triple M. Evenings was won by 2GB’s Brian Wilshire with 14.7%, followed by 2UE’s Stan Zemanek. Weekends was won by 2GB.

In Melbourne, 3AW was top station, up 0.3 share points to 15.7%, followed by Triple M on 10.7% (down 0.1) and Gold on 10.3% (up 0.7). There was little significant movement in the market, but Gold had the biggest share increase of the survey, while Fox, Mix and ABC774 dropped slightly (down 0.4 share points).

In the 10-17 demographic, Fox dropped by 6.6 share points to 27.3% and Nova dropped to 24.4%. The 18-24 demographic was won by Nova on 27.7%, ahead of nearest rival, Fox (22.0%) and Triple M (18.4%).

Triple M leads in 25-39s with 20.63%, followed by Nova (15.0%) and Fox 13.7%). Gold won 40-54s (18.4%), followed by 3AW (16.7%) and ABC774 (12.7%). 55+ was dominated by 3AW (30.5%), followed by ABC774 (17.1%).

3AW’s Ross & John won breakfast with a slightly decreased 19.6% share, followed by ABC774 and Triple M. Mornings was won by 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, while Gold won afternoons. 3AW’s Derryn Hinch won Drive (14.9%), followed by Fox. Evenings was won by 3AW with 15.4%, followed by Fox and Weekends was also won by 3AW.

In Brisbane, B105 continues as top station, down 0.6 share points to 17.3%, followed by Triple M on 13.8% (steady) and 97.3 on 13.0% (down 0.6). Triple J had the biggest share increase of the survey, while 4KQ dropped (down 1.0 share points).

In the 10-24 demographics, B105 dominated, ahead of Triple M and 97.3

Triple M leads in 25-39s with 24.4%, followed by B105 and 97.3. 40-54s was a closely fought demographic, with less than one share point separating the four leaders, 4KQ, B105, 97.3 and Triple M. 55+ was led by 4BH (22.3%), followed by 4BC (20.6%).

B105’s Jamie Dunn won breakfast with a slightly decreased 18.7% share, followed by Triple M and 4BC. B105 also won Mornings, Afternoons and Drive. Evenings was won by 97.3 with 17.6%, and Weekends was also won by B105.

In Adelaide, SAFM continues as top station, steady at 19.2%, followed by 5AA on 14.9% (down 2.3) and Mix 102.3 (up 0.5). ABC891 had the biggest share increase of the survey, while 5AA dropped most (down 2.3 share points).

SAFM dominated the 10-17 demographics with 43.5%, while Triple M held dominance of the 18-24s with 34.1% (down 3.0). SAFM leads in 25-39s with 30.6%, followed by stablemate, Triple M (21.4). 40-54s was won by Mix 102.3 on 22.5%, closely followed by SAFM on 21.8%. 55+ was led by 5AA (28.6%), followed by ABC891 (20.7%).

SAFM’s Milly and Lehmo won breakfast with a slightly increased 19.2% share, followed by Mix 102.3. SAFM also won Mornings and Afternoons, with Drive being won by 5AA. Evenings was also won by 5AA, while SAFM won weekends.

In Perth, Austereo’s Mix 94.5 FM continues as top station, steady at 19.3%, followed by 96fm on 12.2% (up 0.6) and ABC720 (up 0.3). Nova 93.7 had the biggest share increase of the survey, while 92.9 dropped most (down 2.1 share points).

Nova dominated the 10-24 demographics. 96fm leads in 25-39s with 30.6%, followed by 94.9FM (19.5). 40-54s was won by 94.5 FM on 32.3% and 55+ was led by ABC720 (24.2%), followed by 6PR (18.2%).

Mix 94.5’s Botica’s Bunch won breakfast with a slightly increased 18.9% share, followed by ABC720. Mix 94.5 also won Mornings, Afternoons and Drive. Evenings was also won by 92.9, while Mix 94.5 won weekends.



Austereo CEO Michael Anderson has welcomed today’s results saying: “We are thrilled with the continuing strength of Triple M Sydney and the improvement achieved by the Judith Lucy Show at Breakfast on 2DayFM in the Sydney market.

“Triple M Sydney is chasing number one with their fourth survey gain in a row. We will be doing everything possible to support their march to the top spot. Just as we will be
supporting the ambitions of all our stations.

“We have a station by station, market by market strategy. We are focussing on where we want each station to be – within each market – and we are making the changes to get there.

“We knew our programming changes across the country would create turbulence in the ratings of our stations. But it has absolutely been worth it. Radio is the most competitive part of the media sector and we are innovating to stay on top.

“August is the first anniversary of our strategy of maximising our position in each market and the NMR survey results during this time are in line with our expectations. The new shows and new talent are really starting to get cut through and we will continue investing
in our future strength.

“The results in Triple M Sydney and Melbourne show what hard work and focus by our team can deliver.”

Austereo Chairman Peter Harvie says the company is “committed to the hard work, investment and focus” to ensure “great results” are delivered by all our stations.

Key points for the network include:


Triple M – strong result confirms number two FM position

Up 0.6 points – largest increase of any FM station

Up in all shows except Breakfast

2Day – Down 0.3 points

Kyle and Jackie O Show maintains position as number two FM Drive show
Breakfast recovers 0.3 percentage points

Number one station for 10 to 17 year olds, number two for 18 to 24 year olds


Triple M – Still Melbourne’s favourite FM station

Number one station for 25 to 39 year olds with a 20.6 per cent audience share

Number one FM breakfast show with a 0.6 point increase to an 11.2 per cent audience share.

Fox FM – Down 0.4 points to a 9.9 per cent audience share

Number one station for 10 to 17 year olds

Kyle and Jackie O Show remains the number one FM Drive show


B105 – Still Brisbane’s favourite station with a 17.3 per cent audience share

Number one station for 10 to 17 year olds

Number two station for 25 to 39 year olds

Austereo Brisbane general manager Richard Barker says: “Triple M asked Brisbane what it wanted in a radio station, and we have tapped into a passionate audience that loves great radio.

“This is a change for the long term and we will continue to deliver the best music and entertainment to our listeners. The best part is this is only the beginning of the ‘totally different’ Triple M.”

Triple M – A solid number two with a 13.8 per cent audience share

Number two station for Breakfast, Mornings, Afternoons and Drive

Number one for 25-39 year olds


SA.FM – number one for the 43rd consecutive survey

Breakfast show regains number one spot

Number one station for 25 to 39 year olds with a 30.6 per cent audience share

Austereo Adelaide Director of Programming, Craig Bruce says: “It is always terrific to see hard work rewarded and Milly and Lehmo deserve all the applause. We look forward to seeing them remain at number one for a long time to come. SA.FM has consolidated its leadership position in an increasingly competitive market.”

Triple M – Overwhelming number one choice for 18 to 24 year olds with a 34.1 per cent audience share

“Totally Different” format a winner with a 12.1 per cent total audience share

Craig Bruce says: “It has been almost 12 months since Triple M’s format shift and we continue to be delighted. We’re continually asking Triple M’s audience what they want, both musically and in their favourite breakfast show so we can deliver the type of station they can connect with.”


Mix 94.5 – Number one again with a 19.3 per cent audience share

Number one choice for 25 to 54 year olds

Number one in every time slot except nights

92.9 – Down 2.1 points to 10.9 per cent audience share

Number one station for 10 to 17 year olds



”I think the figures are wrong….” says breakfast presenter Dave “Hughesy” Hughes.

“Who would have thought that more people in Melbourne listen to us than any other Breakfast radio program………. Unbelievable.”

In other results, Nova 100 maintained its top spot for all people aged 18-24 and reclaimed its top spot for all people aged 18-34.


The Sydney radio ratings results have been released today and Merrick and Rosso have remained the leading FM breakfast show by a wheelie bin length with 10.9%!

During the past few months, Merrick has been a bigger smart arse than usual, claiming to know everything about Sydney.

Listeners have challenged Merrick with some very obscure questions, like what colour are the swings at Camden Park, and miraculously he always knows the answer!!!!*

Not even Rosso can stump him.

Merrick’s ability to fudge it has helped give Nova a 9.6% share of the Sydney market overall, and Nova remains the leading under 40s radio station by 3.1%.

In more detail:

The M&R Breakfast Show (6am-9) 10.9% leading FM by 3.1%

Bianca Dye Mornings (9am-12) 9.4% leading FM

Lizzy and Kip in Nights (7-10pm) 10.7% leading FM

The Paul Murray Show (10-12am) 9.5% leading FM (up by 2.8%)

In the key age groups:

All under 40 19.4% leading outright

18-24 30.4%

25-39 14.9%

* By the way, the answer is green and gold!


Nova Perth’s General Manager has taken the staff to the pub. A scrawled press release says: “Had a great survey, we’re really happy…

“By the way, Nova 93.7 now
leads under 40 and Nathan
and Nat lead 18 to 39 so
they’re getting high quality
goon today!”

FIVEaa Adelaide

FIVEaa continued its trend of beating last year’s results, with an overall share of 14.9%.

The FIVEaa Sports Show hosted by K.G. Cunningham and Graham Cornes recorded a 19.5% share, more than 1.5% ahead of its nearest rival. Adelaide radio legend Bob Francis sustained his
long-time domination of night-time radio listening with a 20.6% share.

FIVEaa football coverage also retained its number one ranking in Adelaide.

FIVEaa Breakfast with Keith Conlon, Tony Pilkington and Jon Blake recorded a solid number two
share of 16.8%.

FIVEaa General Manager Paul Bartlett says: “As the football finals, the Olympic Games and the
next Federal election approach, we can expect increased listener interest in sport and talk programming and that’s something FIVEaa is best positioned to deliver.”


Melbourne’s official Olympic radio station, SEN1116 has “carved a niche in the hearts and minds of sport-mad Melbournians. “

SEN1116’s Managing Director Danny Staffieri says the radio station’s niche in the market has been identified.

“More people, in particular males 25-54, are tuning in to SEN1116 with cume growth registered in all surveys this year. In addition, SEN’s TSL figure continues to grow in each BMAD session.

“However, the real winner in survey #5 is The Run Home with Anthony Hudson, Dermott Brereton and Matt Hardy with a jump from 3.4 to 4.7 in all people 10+.

“In our key target demographic of males 25 to 54, The Run Home has grown its audience from a 7.7 share to a 10.3 share. The growth reflects the hard work the team has put into breaking the top sports stories.

“Our audience share has increased considerably since January 19 and as the official commercial broadcaster in the Melbourne radio market of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, we are looking forward to continued growth.”

Triple J

Most of the time, triple j fairly quietly goes about doing what it does best. Bringing the best new music the world has to offer to a very enthusiastic audience.

And that audience is growing.

Triple J is pleased with today’s results, despite recent controversy over using the World Trade Centre image in their Beat the Drum promotion.

Triple J says: “Lately we’ve come in for a bit of attention for our use of an image of a world
icon in conjunction with the launch of Beat The Drum, but there’s no denying
the success the station is enjoying at the moment.

“In the latest audience survey results released today by Nielsen Media
Research, triple j has experienced audience increases from coast to coast,
particularly in our target 18-24 demographic. This is one of the most hardwon
and fiercely competitive segments of the radio market.”

Topline results (in the 18-24 demographic) indicate the following:

Adelaide Up 2.3% (now 15.2%)

Brisbane Up 6.7% (now 19.7%)

Melbourne Up 1% (now 8.2%)

Perth Up .5% (now 10.9%)

Sydney Up 1.5% (now 9.1%)

And triple j’s robust growth isn’t limited to the capitals.

In Nielsen’s survey for
Newcastle released on Friday July 30 2004, the following result was recorded.

Newcastle Up 3% (now 15.8%)

“triple j continues to be the last bastion of true innovation in broadcasting and
representation of Australia’s youth, music and culture.”

702 ABC Sydney

702 ABC Sydney continues its strong growth in 2004 with “an outstanding result” today.

702 remains Number 3 in Sydney with an overall share of 9.1%

• 702 Breakfast is equal Number 2 – up from Number 3 last survey with
422,000 people listening to Angela Catterns each week

• 702 Drive (Mon-Fri 4pm – 7pm) is Number 1 in Sydney with a share of 10.8%

• Richard Glover has more listeners than any other talk station in Sydney

• Sally Loane and James Valentine continue to increase their audience share
and reach

• 702 Weekends is Number 2 overall with a share of 8.6%

• 702 ABC Sydney has increased its audience across all ages from 10 to 54.

• 702 is equal Number 1 talk station during the week based on reach.

702 ABC Sydney Station Manager Roger Summerill says: “The excellent results
follow on from what has been so far a constantly strong year for 702 ABC Sydney.”

Summerill says the results “augur well” as the station comes into the second half of the ratings year with commercial-free Olympic Games broadcasting about to begin.


4BH 882 again increased its 10 Plus share in the Brisbane market, going from 8.7% to a 9.1% share. “This is the station’s best result for over two years but, more importantly, continues the overall trend of continuous strong growth since this time last year.”

4BH 882 recorded “more impressive increases” in all day parts and now outrates its traditional music rival, 4KQ, in all sessions except Breakfast. 4BH maintained its strong weekend presence with 10.3% share, again placing it No: 4 in the market.

4BH 882 recorded day part increases as follows:

ü Breakfast +0.9%

ü Morning +0.5%

ü Afternoon +0.3%

ü Drive +0.9%

ü Evening +1.7%

4BH 882 Program Director, Greg Victor, says: “The result is testimony to a lot of hard work by dedicated staff and follows on from subtle changes made earlier in the year that places 4BH as one of the more contemporary easy music formats in Australia.”

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