Suspension lifted: “Jars” back on-air

Less than a week since Triple M Adelaide suspended announcer and former football great Andrew Jarman (AKA Jars) for offensive comments which were broadcast to air, he’s back behind the microphone.

Jarman’s suspension was lifted yesterday with the station issuing a statement saying,

“We are confident Jarman fully understands the inappropriate nature of his comments and remains deeply remorseful for what he said.”

The Rush Hour presenter attracted the wrath of listeners, women’s groups and the community in general after he said “just f*** the guts out of ‘em with your big c**k”, in a pre-recorded segment with Dom Cassisi, on how to bring on the birth of his third child.

The incident has been investigated but at this stage the outcome is not known.

On-air with Dale Lewis, Jarman apologised again after taking to Today Tonight to express his regret.

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