Swinburne course closure confirmed: Jim Barbour

A statement from Jim Barbour has officially confirmed the closure of the Swinburne Commercial Radio Course.


Despite the efforts of a dedicated band of current and past students to have the university’s decision reversed, Barbour has released a carefully worded statement today confirming the closure of Melbourne’s only commercial radio course. He is clearly constrained in what he can say publicly about the closure.

The University has decided to discontinue the Commercial Radio course at Swinburne University of Technology as it has been identified as financially unviable.

Jim Barbour, along with sessional lecturer Peter Marcato and others, thanks Commercial Radio Australia and the Radio Industry for their unwavering support for this course since its inception in 1989 with Industry Placements, guest lecturers and for employing our Graduates.

It has been a privilege to work with more than 400 young people over 24 years to pursue their passion for radio and most have gained employment in the Commercial Radio Industry, with many enjoying long rewarding careers in radio and beyond. I hope to maintain contact with the Industry and Graduates in the future.

Thanks, Jim.