Kyle’s Life Changing Announcement

When the show doesn’t live up to the promo

The message on the 2Day-FM facebook page last night simply read, Kyle and Jackie O are back live TOMORROW MORNING 8AM with a life changing announcement!”

It picked up 208 likes and 35 comments, mostly speculating about what the announcement might be. Most popular guess was that Jackie was pregnant and was leaving the show. Others thought Kyle was ill and leaving. One wag thought he was pregnant too.

I thought I better get up early and listen.

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried, got up ealy or listened. Okay, it was scheduled for 8am, but for someone who doesn’t normally rise till the crack of noon, 8 am is early.

Kyle simply rehashed everything already published in the Murdoch press telling us how a migraine had kept him from friend Brian McFadden’s wedding.

But the headache didn’t prevent him from rubbishing Florence.


Since writing the above, I’ve been reliably informed that there was, not one, but indeed two Life Changing Announcements (LCA) this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O Brekfast Show However, because the show was running about 40 minutes late, the advertised 8 am timeslot for which I was tuned in, did not produce either of them.

The first LCA was the fact that K & J are hoping to give away (while their insurers pray they don’t) another Million dollars as they did last year.

2012’s twist for a chance at the one million will see three Sydneysiders literally go to great heights, when they tandem skydive from 14,000 feet onto a grid with 250 squares.  Just one of those one meter squared grids holds the life changing one million dollars cash.

goldfish_100The other LCA was much sadder. It had to do with the demise of the show’s pet goldfish Steven (left). 

Despite being in fine health on Friday and Saturday he was found this morning floating upside down in his tank.

On the advice of The Kyle & Jackie O Show psychic Georgina Walker a private ceremony will be held at the 2DAYFM studios. This will involving burning of lavender.

Listen to the heartrending eulogy from this morning.

  Peter Saxon