Sydney’s Hope 103.2 listeners restored sight to more than 8000 people

Last Thursday, CBM Australia, an international Christian development organisation, hosted their annual Miracles Day appeal, aiming to perform more than 40,000 cataract removal surgeries for some of the world’s poorest people, with the help of community Christian radio stations.
Sydney’s Hope 103.2’s goal was 8000 of that total, and yesterday they reached 8000 by 11am.
A $33 donation covers a 12-minute cataract removal operation, with Nepalese doctors performing an incredible 70-80 operations a day and each year, Hope has sent its Breakfast team to view the experience first-hand, this year to Nepal where Sam & Duncan recorded their journey in their daily live blog.
“Today, we learnt that the other person who we would be observing in surgery was a female surgeon just like Preena, one of the best – not just in the country – but in the world. It was like we had stumbled onto a unicorn herd.
“Brave, bold women, transforming communities and redefining a culture, one life at time! A surgeon so profoundly skilled, that she can perform an operation that would take a rookie an hour, in 12 minutes.”

Each of the 8,017 operations gifted from Hope 103.2 listeners will not only change just one life by restoring a person’s vision because when a person gets their sight back, it also impacts their entire community.
They can support their family, go to school, succeed in work and education, and help to lift up those around them, too. The ripple effects will be felt for years to come.


CBM Australia Miracles Day Facts:

  •  90% of people who are visually impaired live in developing countries
  • Cataract is the leading cause of blindness, responsible for 51% of world blindness
  • Cataract is a leading cause of low vision and blindness in both developed and developing countries, but this could be avoided with treatment.
  • Australians have given an incredible 152,666 cataract removal surgeries in the past six years




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