Symposium shows how to save millions with DAB+

The 50th ABU Broadcasting Symposium kicks off this weekend with a DAB+ Technology Workshop and Transmission Demonstration in Kuala Lumpur that will show participants how to save millions of dollars in radio operating and power costs. 

The two day technology workshop will showcase the DAB+ standard and demonstrate the features and efficiency improvements available compared to analogue FM broadcast.

Focussing on diverse stakeholders from telcos to radio operators and regulators to consumers the workshop covers the implementation of DAB+ technology, its enhancements and its planning.

Director of Technology at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Dr Amal Punchihewa says the session will emphasise the need for having a clear plan and strategy in digitalisation of radio broadcasting. “It is important that we use the limited resources we have efficiently to serve communities,” he says.

He added that commitments from all parties including regulators, public and commercial broadcasters and receiver manufactures is paramount for a successful roll out of a digital radio broadcasting, as it was with television.

Next week the Symposium will widen into a trade show and conference with speakers, including Joan Warner, Kath Brown, Les Sabel and Steve Ahern.

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