Taylor Swift brings the heat with ‘Cruel Summer’

Highlights    June 29, 2023

  • Top Debut: Taylor Swift’s ‘Cruel Summer’ debuts at No. 28
  • Heating Up: ‘Can I Shower At Yours’ by Amy Shark earns 273 spins
  • Big Mover: David Kushner soars to No. 18, up seven spots

Taylor Swift sends a 2019 song to the Top 40 on the latest AirCheck National Radio Airplay Chart.

‘Cruel Summer’ – taken from 2019 studio album Lover – debuts at No. 28 after getting an official single release. Nova were all over the track with 218 spins across the national network, helping the song to 286 spins overall.

Gold Coast native Amy Shark delivers another Top 40 hit with ‘Can I Shower At Yours’, which lands at No. 31. KIIS Sydney and Melbourne were the frontrunners with 31 and 30 spins, respectively.

David Kushner achieves a new peak this week with ‘Daylight’ soaring to No. 18. The breakthrough track accumulated 448 spins, a gain of +48.3%. 23 stations spun ‘Daylight’ this week, with Sydney leading the way as the top market.

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